LACC classes

After sponsoring these classes for almost 20 years, LACC decided to cancel them. Below are descriptions of the skills that many students learned over the years. For information about alternatives , please send an email to

Silversmithing — An introductory course on the creation of silver and other precious metal jewelry. No prior jewelry or metal work experience required. This is the class recommended for beginners, however, since all students work at their own pace, students of all levels of skill and experience can benefit from this class.

Metal Casting — An introductory course in metal gravity casting using cuttle bone, French sand, clay, centrifugal and vacuum casting using the lost wax process. This class does not include instruction on wax carving. Beginners are welcome, and students may take this class concurrent with Silversmithing and/or Wax Carving if they desire. For information on Wax Carving classes, see the Special Classes tab.

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